November 2019: слайд-шоу (Slide-Show)

слайд-шоу (Slide-Show) present what has made Russian music special. Their approach to a multi-genre standard of music is something that surfaced in Eastern Europe and Russia in the late 1990s to this very day. As that region was exposed to a variety of music from a vast number of decades it made for a creative melding pot of musical expression.

Combining stunning vocals, hard rock and metal guitar work with electronics in the music, слайд-шоу made some vast and very good music. Some of the songs are mellow and passionate in their expression. Others are energetic and filled with Electronic vibrance in their approach. Others lend a harder approach similar, but not limited to Metal music. Much of the music can be seen to draw from Gothic, Synth Rock, Metal, and Industrial themes. The styles are vast, yet are all bound distinctly on a song by song basis. It is theis multitude of styles and how they are presented that is truly impressive with слайд-шоу.

Almost all of the music by слайд-шоу is sung in Russian. There are a rare few exceptions, but the language is not a cause for concern. There are some bands that can present a song that seems to ignore language boundaries in how they are presented. Each song by слайд-шоу fits this special mold perfectly. We have always admire the emotion, talent, and dedication that слайд-шоу has shown in their music. We are happy to present them as our, November 2019, Band Of The Month.

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Не Отпускай by Слайд Шоу

Красная Шапочка (Red Riding Hood) by Слайд Шоу

Slide Show's Live Performance At Tochka Club