May 2019: Combichrist

Ever since Andy LaPlegua created Combichirst there were many that could see it was going to be something truly special as a band and in the music they created. Unlike Icon Of Coil, Combichrist brought a harder edge to music and was a rare combination of Industrial Metal and Electronic Music. This merging through LaPlegua's genius made for music that was a metal warfare with electronic elements that would always fill a dance floor.

Each release from Combichrist has shown the talent that the band has and has garnered a ton of praise from their fans. Their latest album, One Fire, has been no different from the previous albums. This album was release in early 2019 and has been the launching board for spring tours in North America. This touring will be moving to Europe in the Summer months.

In addition to One Fire and the heavy touring, Combichrist has a number of special re-releases of previous albums in vinyl and some impressive merchandise that is being released in 2019. Much of these will be presented on Music Eternal throughout the spring and summer of 2019.

There is a ton that Combichrist is doing in 2019 and shows the level of work and dedication that they have to their craft and their fans. It is their impressive workload and devotion to their music that makes us proud to present them as Music Eternal's May 2019, Band Of The Month.

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Not My Enemy by Combichrist

Not My Enemy by Combichrist

From My Cold Dead Hands by Combichrist