December 2019: Apocalyptic Dream Machine

Many bands and musical projects are the reflection of the hearts behind them. They are forged into melody by the minds over those hearts. Apocalyptic Dream Machine is no different. It has been the creation of Dana Sandoval and is his outlet in something raw in its emotion and powerful in its melody.

Apocalyptic Dream Machine (ADM) has created a variety of styles in its music life. Most of its more recent music has evolved into a more hard hitting feel that is more akin to Industrial music.

The direction that ADM is taking is one that shows the challenges that Dana has had in life and his love for what touches his heart and soul. His music reflects his passion in what he creates and his desire to share his creations to the world. His undying love for music is one of the wide variety of reasons that we are happy to present him as Music Eternal's December 2019, Band Of The Month.

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Never Say Die by Apocalyptic Dream Machine

Sing It by Apocalyptic Dream Machine

Interview With Dana Sandoval Of Apocalyptic Dream Machine