August 2019: 5F-X

5F-X is the successor project to 5F_55. Unlike 5f_55, 5F-X is a solo project to Mike Brun which combines Industrial music with Experimental and Rhythmic Noise.

Just like the creative approach to the music, 5F-X brings the same standard to the live performances. When a strong Science Fiction approach, the band gives an otherworldly tone that gives a strong presentation to the music.

It is the unique and expressive standards that 5F-X that makes this musical act truly stand out. We are happy to present this band as our August 2019, Band Of The Month.

Check out the second page to experience some of their music yourself.

Part 23 (Buchstabe W) by ¡-PAHL-!

95&7 by Collide

III by Kauan