October 2018: The Birthday Massacre

The Birthday Massacre have always made impressive music that is unique to their style and the vocals of Chibi. For nearly two decades they have made music that has been enchanting to the listeners. Their videos and live performances reflect this aspect and have made them a band that their fans love to see perform.

Having just come back from The Gothic Cruise they now have a massive tour planned for October and November of 2018. The bulk of this tour will have them touring with Jonathan Davis of Korn. This tour titled, Black Labyrinth, will have them traveling throughout North America and performing to the masses.

This labor of love that Birthday Massacre is embarking upon shows their support for Jonathan Davis and their undying love for their fans. These will be concerts you will not want to miss. This devotion to their creative expression through melodies has always enthralled us and we are happy to present them as the October 2018 Band Of The Month for Music Eternal.

Patreon Live Stream Snippet by The Birthday Massacre

The Neverending Story by The Birthday Massacre

Patreon Preview Clip Song Playthru Blue