July 2018: September Mourning

September Mourning has shown that music is more than what we hear. It is what we feel, can see in certain mediums, and can define a world that the music lives and thrives in.

July marks a very busy month with a massive tour in place where their music can be experienced by their "Children Of Fate." It also will be where the stunning visuals can be seen that has only been seen in facets of their comics and stunning music videos. These performances they have planned will be experiences that any music lover will want to be a part of.

The undying love for music and teh depth of development in how to show it to the world are aspects of September Mourning that we embrace and cherish. These are some of the countless reasons that we are proud to present them as Music Eternal's July 2018 Band Of The Month.

Dirty by September Mourning

2021 Soul Collection Bundle

Falling Awake by September Mourning