January 2018: Velvet Acid Christ

Velvet Acid Christ has been one of the true forces of nature in the areas of music that they present. This has traditionally covered Electro-Industrial, Trance, and EBM. They don't limit their exploration in Electronic music as they strive to make music that is true to their artistic vision. Their direction has been one that has earned them a lot of respect in the music world and has gained them an impressive following of fans.

A library of music has been made by Velvet Acid Christ and each release shows their depth of talent. Their music has been played in dance clubs worldwide, on FM radio, and Internet radio. The band has performed globally and has been a main stay at many of the festivals found through out the world.

It is fitting that we start out 2018 with such a gifted and impressive band like Velvet Acid Christ. It is with this thought in mind that we proudly present them as the January 2018 Band Of The Month for Music Eternal.

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Phucking Phreak by Velvet Acid Christ

Dire by Velvet Acid Christ

Ominous Rattle by Velvet Acid Christ