February 2018: UCNX

Some people are born into music and others are born with music in them. The members of UCNX have known each other for a life time and have had music in their hearts as far back as they could remember. Music has been a guiding force for them and it is only fitting that they use is as their conduit to express themselves to the world. Their voyage in music draws from EMB, Electro-Industrial, Ambient, Techno, and other areas of Electronic music. This variety of styles all are forged into their music to make some truly impressively unique tracks.

UCNX never stops in their creation of new songs and in their variety of methods in sharing it to the world. It is this devotion to music that has never faltered regardless of which chapter they are in when it comes to life itself.

The devotion and skilled methods use in their music that has made us grateful in presenting UCNX as the February 2018 Band Of The Month for Music Eternal. We hope you find enjoyment in their music as we have.

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Defragmentation Ballet by UCNX

Overgrowth by UCNX

Armada Next - Episode 90