April 2018: Agnes Poetry

Agnes Poetry is one of the forgotten gems of the 1990's. The band was comprised of two brothers and their sister from Manti, Utah. Their music was a special form of Synthpop that reflected Depeche Mode in presentation, but with a feel that stood out. Their particular approach to music captivated those that had the chance to discover this amazing band.

Sadly, as with anything good that is unknown, Agenes Poetry disbanded. Each of the siblings still have involvement in music and never let that spark in their hearts die. Through them Agnes Poetry still lives on and its music is still available for new fans to discover. They recognize that despite the fact that their band is no more, that they had something special. In this they keep the home fires of the music burning so that future music lovers can experience this sice of their musical careers. It is this undying love and the pure talent that we deeply appreciate and why we are happy to present them as the April 2018 Band Of The Month here on Music Eternal.

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Catch Me If You Can by Agnes Poetry

Faith by Agnes Poetry

Harmony by Agnes Poetry