September 2017: Ric Laciak

There are those in the music world and then there are those that inspire others. Ric Laciak is a special combination of both. He was one of the stabilizers of Industrial music in the US Midwest when a lot of the support for this group of genres was in flux. He did this through his FM DJing and as the owner of the epic record label, RAS DVA.

Sadly, Ric passed away and for many in the music world his sound advice, morbid sense of humor, and huge heart is sorely missed. He has been an inspiration to many that knew him and to some he didn't know that knew him. Most of all he showed that his love extended to those that he called family and friend.

Filled with admiration and loss we pay tribute to one of the foundations in keeping Music Eternal going. His sagely advice and determination will forever be remembered and missed. Expressing this, we are humbled and honored to present Ric Laciak as Music Eternal's Band Of The Month for September 2017.

$500 Donation In Ric's Memory

In Tribute Of One Man And His Label

Special Presentation Of I II (All Volumes)