December 2017: Jäger 90

Jäger 90 is a German EBM band that has been around for over a decade.

EBM music has often been viewed as a sister to EDM, but there are many elements in it that are deeply rooted in Industrial music. This combination is something that makes an aggressive fast paced approach in music that has garnered legions of fans. Jäger 90 has shown in perfect clarity what EBM music is and the elements that makes is such a popular and enduring genre of music.

Music Eternal is proud to present Jäger 90 as its December 2017, Band Of The Month.

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Beim Ersten Mal Tat's Nicht Weh by Jäger 90

Jäger 90 @ WGT

Part 23 (Buchstabe W) by ¡-PAHL-!