April 2017: Freakangel

For close to a decade, Estonian Freakangel has been driving home their distinct flavor of music. Their combination of Industrial Metal and Electro-Industrial is both harsh and appealing to anyone that likes darker music with a hard edge to its style. It is this particular approach that has earned them a strong fan base and a need for their appearances at some of the biggest festivals in Eurasia.

Freakangel hit 2017 with a massive roar to the music world where they have a large number of things in store for their fans. The first is the release of their latest album, How The Ghost Became. The next is a number of live videos to their new songs from this debut album. These new videos come on the wake of two new official video, In The Witch House.

What more could Freakangel have in store for the world? They have a number of new concerts that are already set to happen starting in April 2017. The first of these will find Freakangel performing in Russia, but that is likely only the start to the storm of performances that Freakangel has planned for their fans.

Performances, videos, and a new album are just three of the many reasons that we are proud to have Freakangel in the Music Eternal family and honored to present them as our April 2017 Band Of The Month!

Preacher! We Have A Church To Burn! T-Shirt from Freakangel

The Fallen Nun T-shirt from Freakangel

Curse. Forgive. Kill. Cure. (X Anniversary Edit) by Freakangel