September 2016: Music Eternal Family

Music Eternal and its staff has been riddled for the past couple of months with a variety of challenges. These have come in numerous areas that have left us dealing with the situations and forcing us to focus on those more than the site itself. As it stands now, the fires have been quelled for the most part and we are focusing on the tasks at hand.

The challenges have shown the support we have in the music world and in the Music Eternal family. With this in mind we are doing a wider sweep of who to label as Band Of The Month. There are simply too many that have been there for the Music Eternal and we feel that we need to pay tribute to the Music Eternal family as a whole.

The Music Eternal staff has as a collective decided to have the whole Music Eternal family has the Band Of The Month for September 2016. We hope that each of the visitors of Music Eternal enjoy the music community as much as we do and appreciate the talents of those that are part of the Music Eternal family.

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