November 2016: The Sweetest Condition

The Sweetest Condition have been working their creative hands to the bone. Their latest album, We Defy Oblivion, out on the heels of their single, Knock Us Down. They have also been doing interviews and spreading the word on their latest album that presents all the best elements of their vision of music and a new step in progression in their musical style. The music still draws from the Electronic world and still has the superb vocals by Leslie Benson, but now they have given a jolt of aggression in their music that grants a new level of vitality to it.

Like many driven musicians, this gifted duo from the United States show no signs that they are going to be taking a break in their music. This is something to marvel in musicians that never stop and never submit to the stellar standards that are presented in the music. The Sweetest Condition is one of the pillars in the music world in showing a desire to thrive and a high level of excellence in all the music that they make. We are thankful to know them and to have them as our November 2016, Band Of The Month.

Check out the player below to see what they have to offer in their latest album, We Defy Oblivion!

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