March 2016: Draven Taylor

Draven Taylor is the driving force behind Music Eternal. He has worked at various levels of the music world and usually shrinks from the spot light. Not because of stage fright, just a preference to place the light on other members of the music community that are an inspiration to him. He would prefer to give tribute and praise to those that compel him to do what he does and be the one seldom seen working on helping the others of the music world being known.

Music Eternal made a promise to one of the key members of the Music Eternal family that when times grew challenging that we would pay tribute to the one that has worked to make this site a reality.

Those that know Draven now know him from his Internet radio shows or his work on Music Eternal. As a DJ he has been involved in the music world for close to two decades. As a club, Internet radio, and FM radio DJ he has done regular gigs in Russia, Europe, and North America. He has also done one shot Internet radio performances in South America, Oceania, and Africa. He began in the Gothic Rock and Industrial worlds, but has expanded to over 30 genres that he now performs in. He has also performed in a number of festivals and raves throughout North America. To date, he has DJ’d consistently on US Internet radio for over a decade and over 8 years on German Internet radio.

Outside of Music Eternal and DJing, Draven has worked in a number of other areas of the music world that most don’t know. In the past two decades he has worked as a song writer and vocalist for two bands, been a journalist for 4 media venues, a concert promoter, an underwriter for multiple labels and radio stations, and has done back end research for distributors and labels throughout the world. He has been one of the silent problem solvers in the music world that few knew was involved in projects. It was this cultivation of skills that led to the forming of Music Eternal. To have a resource base in one location that all the music world could lean on.

For March 2016, Draven Taylor is working on keeping Music Eternal alive. Through the support he has been asking of others, researching projects for Music Eternal to be a part of, and freelance work that can stabilize the challenges that surfaced due to family turmoil. If this is the last entry in the Music Eternal legacy, then it is fitting it is dedicated to the one that has worked on trying to make a dream a reality. Support for the entire music world with no limits.

Draven Taylor On New Alternative Radio