July 2016: System Syn

System Syn fits the perfect mold of what hard working musicians truly are. The mind behind the music, the voice in the vocals, and the heart of what is heard is that of the artists Clint Carney. Many hear the music that System Syn creates and never fathom that this creative genius also works as a painter, movire director, and an actor outside of his musicial work.

As we open the door to what Clint Carney does, he has been working on a variety of projects that would daunt even the most devoted workaholic. It is his love for what he does that reflects in the volume and quality of projects he undertakes. Still with all that he does, music is one of the cord chords in his heart and one that will never perish in all that he does.

System Syn has been a part of the Music Eternal family since its inception. The support they have shown in Music Eternal has been on of the motivating factors that has made them one of our core muses in helping the music world and being a positive for the whole Music Eternal family. We wish to reflect their support to us by presenting them as our July 2016 Band Of The Month. Be sure to check out the second page of this article to get a sampling of the musical talents in System Syn.

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