December 2016: Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone was one of the bands that had a profound impact in Goth Rock and the transition that many of the bands made into more of the Electronic areas of music. In the beginning the band placed a heavy focus on the traditional format of Gothic Rock that had elements of Gothic Punk intertwined into their music. These can be found on the early EPs and albums that the band released.

Prior to their greatest hits, Adrenaline, the band was a solid mainstay in Europe and have a massive following that was only rivaled by bands like Sisters Of Mercy, Christian Death, and hybrid bands that had ties to Gothic Rock and other genres (like The Cure and Souxsie And The Banshees). The release of Adrenaline can in more than one flavor, but it was the one album that made Rosetta Stone a mainstay in clubs throughout Europe and North America.

The band would release a number of other albums under the keen vision of Porl King in being one of the bands that led the charge into adding Electronic elements to their music. This would lead to a climax with the band's final album, Unerotica. This final chapter in Rosetta Stone was solely created by Porl and was released through Cleoptra Records. The album presented unique remakes to make Gothic and Pop songs that spanned two decades. It was a fitting closing of the door to Rosetta Stone and giving people a glimpse into the direction that Porl was taking in his future work in music.

It has been close to two decades since Rosetta Stone released any music, yet their impact in music is still felt today. Their music is still played in dance clubs and on radio stations throughout the world. They are one of the few bands that gave a huge part of their creative vision to the world that still lives on. We are honored to present this amazing band as Music Eternal's December 2016 Band Of The Month.

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Demos And Rare Tracks 1987​-​1989 by Rosetta Stone

Adrenaline by Rosetta Stone

Seems Like Forever (Limited Edition) by Rosetta Stone