December 2014: Ric Laciak

Band Of The Month is traditionally for one of the musical artists in the Music Eternal family. There are exceptions that are always made and this is one of them.

Ric Laciak has played a major role directly and indirectly in the music world. His influence as a DJ, journalist, label owner, and supporter of the music world has helped countless artists and fans in the United States. His efforts had a ripple effect that are still being felt today. His involvement in the music world was limited in his later years, but he still touched the hearts of many and inspired many to continue to pursue their dreams in music. We regret that Ric passed November 17th, 2014 after a 13 year battle with cancer.

His devotion to music has been inspirational, his love for his friends and family has been humbling, and his legacy will never die as long as there is at least one fan and one artist in the world devoted to the music that Ric loved so much.

September 2017: Ric Laciak

$500 Donation In Ric's Memory

In Tribute Of One Man And His Label