March 2012: The Cut

The Cut was the creation of Sean Whitman. The band is a rare mix of many elements in music. This makes them both unique in what they present in their music and also that much better with how the music has been composed.

Unlike the earlier work that Sean Whitman has done in the past, The Cut presents a focus more in the synth pop feel with the music that has so far been released. Much of his passions in music and other areas of art are expressed in The Cut.  The graphics are amazing to see, the music has much of Sean's talents in vocals fused into melodies that are intoxicating.

Regrettably, The Cut is no more. For those of you that have heard their music this can be a somber moment. The plus side though is that The Cut's music has carried over to Sean's new band......Brilliant Massacre!

Out of respect for the contributions that Sean has had with our sites, his impact in the music world, and his faith in our vision of a better music world - we pay tribute in the form of having him as this month's Band Of The Month!


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