June 2012: Klutæ

Klutæ has been making a huge impact from joining a new label, having a new album coming out, and also performing at this year's Wave-Gotik-Treffen. The tide just keeps coming with being June's Band Of The Month for 2012 here on Music Eternal.

Claus Larsen is the mastermind and the pure talent behind both Klutæ and Leæther Strip. It is impressive when an artist can do this, but for the span that Claus has been involved with both these bands and other projects is daunting. We are happy to know this gifted artist and honored that  he is part of the family here at Music Eternal.

Klutæ has been seen by some as the more aggressive of the two bands that Claus has made. Claus has stated a number of times in the past that Klutæ  has been more of a project where he can have fun and explore many of the avenues that may not be ideal for Leæther Strip. No matter what the direction of either band is bound to be, everyone knows that having Claus as the creative mind behind it is always a standard for some incredible music for all of his countless fans.

As more information on both of Claus Larsen's bands comes to light we will be here to share it with each of you!

Psycho Love by Klutæ

Countstrike by Klutæ

Bones In The Furnace by Klutæ