September 2011: Leaether Strip

Leaether Strip is the direct representation of Claus Larsen's musical talent. For over 20 years, Leaether Strip has been a vital contributor to the electro-industrial world. The band has also been one of the most proven one-man bands in the modern industry of music.

Leaether Strip has proven in their two decades as a band that they are durable and lasting. The band has also shown that the music created by them can maintain a level of quality regardless of the years that pass. This consistency is even more profound when the listener realizes that Leaether Strip is the creation of one man. Claus has been able to utilize Leaether Strip as a lightning rod for his creativity and emotional focus. This has made Leaether Strip capable of presenting a diverse variety of music that harnesses a unique mood. This wide assortment of styles makes Leaether Strip one of the few bands that will have music ideal for most sets played in a club or a radio show.

Claus has shared that Leaether Strip is the primary way he is able to openly share who he is to others. This is one of the reasons that Claus has made passionate music that is a bit close to the core emotionally. Much of what is shared through Leaether Strip is more of the anger and depression he feels at times in his life, and what he sees in the world. This level of openness causes Leaether Strip to have a great impact on the listener. One ironic note is that the music and even some of the photos of Claus present him as more of an angry man and that is quite wrong. Every time we have chatted with him he has a kind manner and a very endearing nature.

Band Of The Month is designed to showcase the unique skills of the bands and artists. Leaether Strip is one of the best examples as to why Band Of The Month exists.

Leæther Strip at Charles Dickins Bar

The Other Man - A Front 242 Tribute by Leæther Strip

Æppreciation V by Leæther Strip