Interview With Dana Sandoval Of Apocalyptic Dream Machine

Dana Sandoval is the heart and soul of the U.S. based band, Apocalyptic Dream Machine. This is the interview that we were able to have with Dana.

       Talking of your music project Apocalypic Dream Machine, are you the only person in this and do you collaborate with others?

   Artists I've had on my records include Alex Ziegler drums Rick Rollin artist and producer jhonny velvick and miss A. Duddy Smith was on bass for 7 years.

       What would you describe Apocalypic Dream Machine's music as?

     Unique and diversified

       Have there been other bands that have influnced the music in Apocalypic Dream Machine?

   My most heavily influences is a combination of KMFDM, Pink Floyd, Marilyn Manson, Nirvana, and The Doors.

       Growing up what kind of music and bands did you listen to?

   The bands I grew up listening to was mostly Nirvana, Marilyn Manson, KMFDM, The Doors, and Pink Floyd.

       How long have you been in music?

   I started writing music when I was 8 years old then formed a band with my siblings called Tetradematradas after we went are separate ways me and my oldest brother started ADM is now 18 years old.

Never Say Die by Apocalyptic Dream Machine

Sing It by Apocalyptic Dream Machine

Crest Fallin Within Emptiness by Apocalyptic Dream Machine