Interview With Mike Hoffman Of Level 2.0

Mike Hoffman is of the US based band, Level 2.0. Level 2.0 brings EBM, Synthpop, and Electro-Industrial into one powerful blend in their music.

       Hello Mike, I know you have a busy schedule and I am grateful we have this chance to chat.

   How are you Draven?

       I am doing quite good thank you.

       How would describe Level 2.0 for those in the world that have never heard of the band?

   Level 2.0 is basically EBM/Industrial/Futurepop all combined together for both the dance floor and just casual listening. If I we're to describe it to someone who is familiar with the goth/industrial scene. I'd compare the music similar to X marks the pedwalk, SITD, & A23.

The music always has a mix between dark chord changing pads and striking lead synths that helps fill the dance floor for any DJ. As for the vocals, though similar to the basic style in EBM music by the delivery. I've always felt they stood on their own. Meaning, when you hear the vocals, they are distinctly recognized as Level 2.0. Unlike many artists out there who sound very much a like.

If I was describing to someone outside the scene. I would just say techno-house music with aggressive vocals.

       If you had to choose one album that best represents the band's overall style?

   I am most proud of the newest album "Reminiscence". I feel like it is the one album that tells a complete story from beginning to end. It's not just the best songs thrown onto an album. It was well thought out. While songs like : Alaya, Reminiscence, & Devastate are my personal favorites. The rest of the album is well laid out so the listener can listen to its entirety without losing interest because of songs sounding a like.

Also to further answer your question in detail. Reminiscence is like taking the sound/style from each album and evolving it into one long story. So it truly defines what Level 2.0 is about. It pays homage to each album prior to itself. By taking it in a more mature and just a better produced product.

But if you just like a straight dance floor album. Then I would recommend "Armageddon".

Heartbeat (Juliet Version) by Level 2.0

Jupiter by Level 2.0

Dimensions by Level 2.0