Interview: Bruce Allen Oatway

  Much of your music goes symbolically with visuals as found in your videos and the website Moonwishes. Was the music made to the visuals, the visuals made to the music, or were they both made collectively for each other at that same time?

  The visions in my head created the music and as I came to learn video production I was able to put visuals to the music. Music always came first with the exception of Moonwishes. Her poetry and artwork inspired me to make a soundtrack for the art, much like Mussogorsky did for Pictures at an Exhibition. Film maker Doug Deboer took the tracks and art and edited a unique 15 min movie we entered in several film festivals. The collaboration stands as a unique genre of poetry/art/music which I want to explore further. I’ll give some links at the end of the interview.

  What is Moonwishes Production?

  Moonwishes is a multimedia company started by my partner ‘A Girl” and I to publish conscious raising works by poets, artists, and musicians. It’s took a lot of groundwork to get it off the ground as you must imagine.

  In your site you mention that Moonwishes Production is based on the New Earth Principles, what are these principles?

  The New Earth principles referred to is explained beautifully in Eckhart Tolles’ book by the same title. Moonwishes is based on our heartfelt principles of co-operation and inclusion, rather than the old ways based on exploitation. The egoic structures are falling away, painfully, but surely. Moonwishes seeks to share equitably with all who are involved in manifesting such art, poetry and music. It’s a multimedia co-operative of consciousness

  Who are some of the other artists that are involved with Moonwishes Production?

  It depends on the project. like attracts like but basically A Girl and I are the channel everything comes through. We’ve had photographers, film makers and even fire dancers!

  Who Is "A Girl?"

  A Girl actually founded Moonwishes about 20 yrs ago when she was a young poet and artist who envisioned publishing as a means of bringing more beauty and meaning into the world. She’s devoted to those with no voice, animals and children and is dedicated to preserving innocence despite the harshness this world so often exhibits. She’s one of those who got in trouble in school for ‘daydreaming' like me). She has a gift for seeing other realms, angels, fairies elves but is happy just being “A Girl”. She lives on Maui and is active in helping others and the environment.

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