Interview: Bruce Allen Oatway

Bruce Allen Oatway is an artist that makes a powerful fusion of New Age, Downtempo, and Ethereal Wave in his music and visual arts.

  Hello Bruce, it is a great privilege to meet you.

  Aloha, It’s an honor to be selected by Music Eternal for an interview. I’ve heard nothing but praise about your site from Star West who found me on Facebook.

  How did you envision and make into reality this unique style of music that you have created?

  Evolution. I was a choirboy at the age of five till I was 14 and use to tinker around on my grandfathers piano quite a bit. “Moonsong” was composed around that time, playing by ear and memorization. I also listened to all the great classical music. But I was in LOVE with drums so I shoveled snow, mowed lawns, whatever, to save up & finally bought a trap set at 12 yrs old. I practiced to Buddy Rich and all the jazz cats, Charlie Watts, Keith Moon, John Bonham and taught myself. I grew up in the projects so we had no extra for lessons. I got good and joined a few cover bands. We played for fun… and beer ( haha). All the while I wrote reams of poetry and published at 17 yrs old. I got my BA in Creative Writing and paid for school by playing at night…glorious times of course! I hit the road and hitched around the country on my way to California picking up guitar along the way. That’s when I started writing music profusely and it more or less evolved from there.

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