Interview: Steve Fearon from Ghost In The Static

Ghost In The Static is an electronic band from the United Kingdom. Its members are Steve Fearon, Lewis Collins, Gareth Stapleton, Mike Fearon, and Martin Rogers.

 Hello Steve, it is a big pleasure to chat with you. Your band shows such a solid identity and diversity in your music. It is obvious that you love what you are all doing in this band.

  Ghost In The Static is the culmination of years of concept work, planning and ultimately hard work, but the challenge is what we love, and with each release, and each year that passes, I feel like we are getting closer to where we want to be J

 Ghost In The Static was started in 2009, how did the band members meet and determine that doing a project like Ghost In The Static?

  Myself, Gareth and Lewis had all talked about doing some Electronic Rock/Metal stuff before, but we had very little knowledge of the methods used in electronic music, so we basically just sat down to write some songs, Myself as a big fan of industrial and sci-fi and Gareth and Lewis as a side project from what was their then main band.

Despite not having written anything anything like this before, over the course of a few months we had a few track ideas down, and we were starting to get excited by the prospect of what we had in front of us.

I had always wanted to do a strongly cinematic music project, with an emphasis on the imagery and concepts, particularly with dystopian themes, and i was very fortunate, that Gareth and Lewis were both open minded and willing to try the stagegear, the make-up, the scene by scene songwriting…it’s a lot of extra work, when we could have just gone and done something more straight forward.

Since the early days, we have brought in my brother Mike, and our drummer Martin, and that was when the chemistry really locked in, and now we are very happy as a little unit of dystopian fury :D

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