Interview: Sebastian Komor

You are probably one of the best people that can express the challenges in travelling from country to country with all the tours you have done. What are some of the common headaches that you have had with touring internationally?

  Oh man, don't even get me going. As much as I love doing shows and just rock out on stage, the whole getting there and back process has become such a hassle. Specifically getting into the USA. Its beyond ridiculous. I'm not in anyway carrying anything dangerous or illegal with me, I am not after fucking your country up. I come in peace to entertain your people! As much as I understand the whole airport security issue due to individuals on a mission for destruction, I feel its gone to far. To the point where I'm sure basic human rights are violated on a daily basis.

People are on edge in the States. You notice it the second you land. It is a sad state really.

I hate to say it but its more and more appealing to me to be at home in my studio, around my girlfriend and pets over traveling having to deal with all the hassles. Which is not fair towards fans of my music and music lovers in general.

Sometimes artists will find particular locations that are personal favorites for performing in. Are there any particular locations that you have had the best experiences performing in?

  A few cities sticks, whether its the crowds, the venue, the sound, the vibe on stage or everything. Places like Mexico, Barcelona, Moscow, Edmonton, Vancouver, LA, Florida [there are more places I don't remember right this moment haha] feels like home and the crowds are simply amazing. You cant beat the feeling of being on stage and feeding of the crowds screaming along to the songs. That's the moment where all the frustrations and long hours makes sense. Music unites.

Which of your aliases do you feel best represents you as an artist? (as a band member, band, or DJ)

  No idea man. I just make music. But if someone was told to listen to something of mine to get a picture of what I do I'd have to say MELT or to listen to my remix work.

The involvement you have had with the music world is impressive. In the course of all the work you have done, have there been any particular artists that have become close friends to you?

  Absolutely. But that's not something to mention in an interview I feel. I'm honored to have worked with the people I have. Lots of great talent in the world.

2012 Artist Of The Year: Sebastian Komor!

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