Interview: Sebastian Komor


Sebastian Komor is the member of Icon Of Coil, Zombie Girl, Komor Kommando, Squarehead, Melt, and has done extensive work for numerous bands.

Hello Sebastian, it is good to have this chat with you. Especially with all that you have been doing.

  Indeed. It's great to sit in front a computer and not mix blasting my head off with beats and base, as much as I love doing that :)smile.

I hope you don't mind these questions directed solely on you as an artist.

I actually do. A lot. So I came up with a solution which allowed me to answer all these questions in my sleep. I hope what I say below won't be offending anyone, well except people worth offending.

It is obvious that Icon Of Coil has had the biggest impact on your career, but which of your works do you feel has been the best representation of you?

  Easy answer: MELT. Its my most personal work and the music I first ever released and worked on. However now MELT is a different machine all together. Full on metal guitars and a whole real band live, including a drummer, and 2 guitarist, keyboards, the whole experience if you may. Then again everything I do is a representation of what I am musically. Icon Of Coil became a big machine and a lot was learned and experienced working on IOC and the gigs behind it all.

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