Interview: Robert Steen-Antonsen Of Liquid Grey

  Did you have any challenges in developing Grey Matter as an album?

  The biggest challenge was to harness the constant flow of ideas racing through my mind and the fact that there was so much happening in my life at that point, moving house, losing my father, the birth of my son ...all that slowed me down a bit but at the same time gave my music much more depth and power behind every note I play or every word I sing because real music comes from real people living real lives, you know? Generic radio friendly pop relies on the right , slick production while my music reflects my life, my experiences and my surroundings.

  How did you know that you wanted to devote your life to music?

  I never wondered about it, I just did it until one day I found out that I had been doing it already for a very long time and managed to stay there despite any obstacles I found along the way. Sheer stubbornness combined with a tendency for transforming abstract ideas into songs and playing guitar at high volume levels, that is the full explanation, I guess combined with the fact that the world around me makes very little sense without the music.

  When a band commercializes their albums, what do you think is the main thing that may be lost in the music that is made by the band?

  Nothing gets lost if you create it for the right reasons and everything can get lost if you do it for the wrong reasons , it all gets really screwed up once you start trying hard to make money out of it and letting people who have no idea about music and no respect for it, tell you what to do...or you are desperate enough to inflict that upon yourself wanting to get rich or famous or whatever....imagine Dali or Picasso trying to paint thinking about who would by their paintings some day...and for how much.. a dreary thought.....

   Why do you think that Gothic Rock as a genre faded from the limelight to where it is today?

  History keeps repeating itself, styles and genres come and go, first they are underground then they become popular , so they reach a saturation point and they become unpopular become underground again and then rediscovered etc...the thing is that every time some good bands show up then a bunch of people that have little to do with it, get the same clothes and haircuts and join the party and end up sinking the whole ship in the process. Today for example bands are divided into two main categories as far as gothic rock is concerned: those who copy the Sisters of Mercy or those who copy the Fields of the Nephilim, usually you can tell them apart by just looking at their photos, their music follows suit, the same vocals the same riffs...the record labels have also played their part in this right from the start....

   I know that Grey Matter would have been a huge hit in the 80's. Do you wish that you were performing back then or are you happy it is today that you are creating the music you are creating?

  I am very happy where I am today, I do not think that I would have liked the 80's very much .

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