Interview: Robert Steen-Antonsen Of Liquid Grey

Liquid Grey is the creation of Mr. Grey. In 2011, he released his first solo album Grey Matter. Prior to this he has been involved with a number of projects ranging from Flowers Of Romance to the Wayne Hussey produced Brilliant Mistakes.


Hello Mr. Grey, you are a gifted guitarist and singer, I am very glad to have the chance to chat with you.

  Hey, that's a good start for an interview, thanks for the compliments! Nice to be here.

Hearing your album, Grey Matter, the first thing that came to mind is that it reminded me of a mix of The Mission and perhaps a little bit of Big Electric Cat. The guitar work in it is truly inspired. Have you always been involved with this style of music?

  I have always liked the Mission great band, working with Wayne Hussey back in the day I guess has left its traces, actually Wayne was the first to hear what was later to become my song " In Black" from " Grey Matter " , I used to play the riff on a 12 string that was lying about in the studio during breaks from the sessions for the " Brilliant mistakes ". "Big Electric Cat" ? are you talking about the Adrian Below track? Love this guy, such an inspiring guitarist, that song is a favourite of mine. I have many , many different influences, especially as a guitar player, in a way gothic rock is where my influences "gel" together, 70's hard rock, prog, metal, post punk even experimental, but I think that there is a line connecting all of the above, my love for what I call " minor key moodiness" .

  Much of the focus that has been presented in the base information about Liquid Grey is that you make your music for the sake of the music. In this approach it truly seems that you have made an album that is superior to much of the mellow alternative and gothic rock out there. Why do you think this approach has worked so well for you and not for others?

  Creating " art for the sake of art " is my motto, nothing else should interfere in the process, I fear that many other artists are way too concerned about things like promotion, image ,record sales and they create their material under a self induced pressure to "make it" , to gain "success" which is reflected in their material.. also some other artists show very little or no enthusiasm in their own material which I find bizarre and very little effective. I give my best shot in each and every song and I am very passionate about my work which gives my material more edge and punch I think. I am extremely focused when I write and my only target is to create a sonic picture that is complete and filled with all the elements that are important to me in order to convey the story well to the listener, when people like my music and appreciate it I am very grateful but that comes afterward in the picture not while I am writing the material.

  In your past work did you do vocals, guitar work, or both for the bands that you have worked with?

  Well, I have always played guitar in every project that I am or have been associated with and I always sing in my own projects.

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