Interview: Manix Salazar of Pail

 If you could have a global tour, what artists would you consider to be the best line up in showcasing the music PAIL performs?

  As I mentioned earlier so far Pail is a project that is not going to do live shows. However if I ever had to do a tour I would love to open for any of my favorite bands that were active at that time...... FLA, Skinny Puppy, Mentallo and the Fixer, X_Marks the Pedwalk,VAC ....

 Many electronic-base bands rely heavily on computers and technological hardware. Is there one piece of hardware that has been essential for the develop of the music that you have created?

  All PAIL sound sources have their origin in analog hardware, I don’t use software appart from the sequencer. I like working with analog equipment, sit in the studio with the sole purpose of working on new sounds and bring all my machines to the limit. You could say that this work in the studio experimenting and studying my machines is the basis of Pail songs.

Every synthesizer, sampler, FX module has its own personality and every one of of them has its specific function in my studio, but I think I could not manage without the Roland Jupiter 8, the Nordlead, SE-1 or FX module Eventide Eclipse.

 For starting electronic bands, what would you recommend to them if they have a tight budget for equipment?

  It would be old fashioned if I recommend only hardware, but I can not recommend software as I don’t use it and therefore know very little of it. I think that before handling any software is better to work with analog machines so you can understand how a synthesizer works, its oscillators, envelopes, filters, etc .....

Any hardware synthesizer with maximum control of its parameters is good for a beginning.

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