Interview: Lori Crandall

What style of music do you perform?

Country and Pop. My voice naturally lends itself to Country, but I can belt out a pop ballad too!

Do you play any instruments and if so, do you use them in any of your songs?

I play a bit of piano and guitar, but no, I used my vocal and mental instruments in my songs so far.

Have you released any albums or has if been mainly individual songs?

I released “The Warrior In Me” in 2005. It is an EP of 5 songs dealing with recovery from domestic violence. All the songs are from my heart, my experience, and are empowering.

Did you always know you were going to be a singer?

Funny you should ask that, yes, I always knew. From the time I was 2 ½ or 3 and I started to be able to sing small melodies, I knew immediately that something was special about my voice, something powerful. At the time I thought everyone could sing like that.

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