Interview: Bloodlust VII of Dungeon Of Wizard


Dungeon Of Wizard is a Turkish black metal band that has been taking their region of the world by storm. In the recent years they have begun to expand further into Europe for live performances in front of new fans.

 I am glad to have this time with you and to be able to chat with you about your band.

  I am glad to be with you

 Dungeon Of Wizard performs in black metal. Has the band always performed in black metal or is this something that the band evolved into?

  Yes. Only black metal ! We have blackened soul for it. Not acceptable the others for our mind. We live with black metal.

 What do you most wish your listeners get from listening to you music (what do you hope they experience when hearing your music)?

  I want that they feel our souls, not only music but when they listen our piece of souls, they need our music, our souls melody. I want that I must see ourselves in their eyes, in their scream, with their headband. These are make us lost.

Victory Is Mine by Dungeon Of Wizard

Northernfrost by Dungeon Of Wizard

Northernfrost by Dungeon Of Wizard