Music Eternal Banner Rates

These are the rates per banner size on Music Eternal. These are set up on a flat CPM (per 1000 impressions) and the rates are listed directly below with instructions needed at the very bottom of the page.

Available Banner Ad Formats (cost per 1000 impressions):

Banner Size

Leaderboard (Can support: 728x90 960x90 970x90)
$2.00 USD

Medium Rectangle (Can support: 300x250)
$2.00 USD

Skyscraper (Can support: 160x600)
$2.00 USD

Wide Skyscraper (Can support: 300x600 160x600)
$2.00 USD

Content Article Banner (Can support: 468x60)
$1.50 USD

Banner Type

Normal Priority is having the ads on one grouping of pages (main page, main section page, content pages, etc.). Each page is marketed as part of the overall site and as an individual entity using (but not limited to): Facebook, Twitter, VK, TSU, and Google Plus. We are adding new social medias to the marketing platform and this further expands the visibility of the pages. As we have our own ad server we can limit the ads to location, time, and date. We can also limit the frequency of the ads appearing and/or the number of times the ad appears on the same page.

Special Priority is  ads that are limited to only one ad space on one grouping of pages. These have all the advantages of Normal Priority, but will be focused on the ad slots you require. We also can give these ads a higher priority so that they appear at a higher priority on our ad server.

The ad server we have is only for Music Eternal, so there is no third parties involved in ad placement. We do require that there is no URL hijacking, malware, or adult advertising.

What Else Is Needed:

1. Make payment by PayPal to ( based on what you have chosen for your campaign
(if you would prefer to make a direct deposit, please e-mail us at and we will furnish our bank information)

2. E-mail with (All processes will take 48 hours or less to process):

    a. Graphics (banner ads in any file format desired)

    b. Redirect url

    c. Number of impressions desired

    d. For Special Priority ad placements: priority of ad campaign (High, Medium, or Low).
        NOTE: If priority is not chosen, the campaign will default to Low priority

    e. Special requests:    
            i.  have impressions visible on all ad spaces of a page at once
            ii.  limits per viewer
            iii. geo-location restrictions of ad viewer
            iv. preferred times ads show on site (please give time zone)

    f. If purchased through a third party, please list them in the subject line of the e-mail.


Note: If you are a member of Music Eternal that is choosing to advertise on here your ads are by default Special Priority with Normal Priority rates.

We do not accept advertisements that are URL hijacking, malware, or adult advertising..

This page is updated frequently and the rates may be subject to change. New ad formats will appear here as they become available.

Existing campaigns are locked into the rates when payment is sent. If you are renewing a campaign, you may decide to use the rates of the campaign that just ended or the updated rates provided here. All campaign transactions are considered final once the campaign has begun.

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