Two Cents


Just as the Phoenix rises from the ashes of its own previous life, Music Eternal has had a rebirth. This newest update has been out renaissance in what we can offer to the music world. It is where we start the major run of something special for the bands, the fans, and all that are in the music world for the sake of supporting the music world.

Some of the upgrades that have been done are:

- Facebook comment, review, and forum interfaces. This way your comments can be on the site and your profile on Facebook.

- The Forum: A Facebook driven forum.

- Draven's Music Anthology: The framework is complete and we are about to begin the long process of plugging in the artists and the albums we all love to hear. This will also have a means where you can purchase the albums. No there will always be a place to purchase the music that may be unavailable in your part of the world.

- 101: A resource for those that want to learn more about the music world and gain a more keen perspective of some of the solutions to the challenges in the music world.

- Headline Stories: A place where a unique perspective is give to the albums of our members. One of the special ways we pay tribute to the artists that are part of the Music Eternal family.

These are some of the new things added to the site, but we are far from done. Just as the music world grows, so do we..

Music Eternal may be a business based website, but it is a site that is 100% dedicated to the music world and giving eavery member of it a voice. Music has been around since the dawn of time and will remain forever. It is the ultimate expression of art, emotion, intellect, and beauty.

Music is Eternal, and now it has a new home.

Upright Destined Mongol by The HU

Corporate Slave by Snog

Dust by Giant Waves