About This Site

Music Eternal is a website that is dedicated to supporting the music world. We strive to be the standard that all areas of the  music world can rely on. We are the foundation to helping in the areas that each part needs assistance in.

Music Eternal and all the parts that comprise it are a promotion tool, but also much more. With the progression of the music industry and the world it impacts, there have been a number of areas that have lacked to proper focus they deserve. Some of the standards that were once maintained have been lost. We have a diverse collection of people of the music industry that know the standards that were once symbolic of the music industry. Becoming the glue that will fill these voids and make it where the music markets will no longer be fragmented is one of the goals of those that are the Music Eternal family.

To support so many areas is a huge goal, but in the end we know that the foundation of the music world is the bands and the fans. They deserve the support as do all the parts that work painstaking hours to be the best at what they do. We have no desire to replace anyone or to endanger the livelihood of label, promoter, or DJ that is just doing a job that they love. What we are is a part in this that will make each of them more effective in what they do and in turn help the bands that much more.

Imagine if a band didn't have to worry about where to stay, venues, or if they will get paid at a performance. If a concert promoter didn't have to worry if enough fans would show up to cover expenses for the concert. If a label did have to worry about proper support for a band of theirs that is touring on a different continent. If an artist knew they could maximize their CD releases in multiple markets. These are just  part  of the areas that we are focused on helping in.

As you look through the site you will see a number of new things appear that were not there before. This is partially to fill new needs, but it is also that we are constantly adding new functions to the site. One of our staples in this is to always have more to offer the bands, fans, and other people of the music world. Is it a bad thing if we do too much to help the music world? We think they are worth it and that standard will never change.

Music Eternal is a service, but is also a resource of finding the parts that will make the music world better. The site is dedicated to helping all the markets in the music world and unifying them. Let a band have an equal voice in Japan as they do in Canada, or be heard in Russia as they would in Mexico. The site, the people involved with the site, and all the parts that are involved are designed where the band's talents will be the definition of their success. As the bands succeed, so will the other parts that strive to give superior support.

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