People have already begun to ask what 101 is...Is it named after the Depeche Mode Album? It is a date for some special event?


101 is actually a simplification of the titles they use in colleges and universities. Just as they have English 101, Math 101, we have our own 101. The problem is that there are so many areas that our 101 will cover that there is no true title to add before the 101. Hence, it is simply, 101.


101 is where we can put our research and development methods into a format that others can read. It is to give bands, the members of the music world, and the readers a perspective of some of the parts of the music world, the music industry, and also addressing some of the issues that have been haunting the progression of parts of the music world.


Our senior staff eagerly listens to the complaints, the problems, and see the changes in the music world. Using our own R&D staff we develop a more in depth understanding to the problems and formulate solutions. Some of this takes a very clear shape and these are some of the articles you will see in 101. The goal is the hope that 101 will give insight to some of the approaches that we have planned or have in play. It is also a means of a resource, like the FAQ where we hope that some of these problems can be resolved by those that are sick of being hit by some of the roadblocks in progressing to where they should be in the music world.

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