For Ukraine, Music Of The Heart

This will be a bit long of an article, but one that will give context to Music Eternal, our stance on things as a whole, and why we feel the deep need to express ourselves in the dire situation in the Ukraine.

Music Eternal was originally created as a platform to unite the musicians, the music world, and the fans (or potential fans) in the world. This is a business, but the main focus is to show a honest and direct light on the artists, the people in the bands, and the genius they have in their music. It was originally meant to be a foundation for the music world to come together and through this union show that we are a family with a common love in music. It doesn't matter what nation, skin color, religion, identity, or beliefs you have, in music we are forever the same and that is fans to the musicians and their music.

This foundation has made it where we developed a culture centered around helping the music world and all parts of it. In the beginning we joked that it was a dream to show a form of world peace in one slice of it that we love dearly in music. In this we strive to avoid sensationalism, politics, deception, or the other areas of media that seem to focus more on the money and less on what the topic is that they are sharing. We have striven to get the information directly from the source, to always be honest, and to share what we find in the music world with you. This has required us to know the members of the music world directly and to strive to a level of integrity where we hope you get to know the musician and the people that make the music that you love.

Part of our culture in Music Eternal as a business has been to focus on the legal aspects to a number of countries, one of these is Russia. As of March 2022, honoring their legal requirements can no longer be a requirement for Music Eternal. They are in the process of placing a heavy punishment to medias that speak ill on their actions in the Ukraine. We are not a legacy media like ABC, BBC, or FOX and are not insulated like they are, but we know that what Russia now requires is in violation of our culture and mission as a business.

Russia is defining the attrition they are doing in the Ukraine as a Special Operation. This may be the jargon they are using, but in simple terms, this is a war. The definition of a war is: a state of armed conflict between different nations or states or different groups within a nation or state. What is happening is effectively a war. Worse, it is a situation that the Russian media is not being honest about. There are civilians, children, and non-military losses in this brutal warfare. The apathetic term is Collateral Damage, but music is like people, filled with emotion. Thus, we prefer to call it what it is the death of innocent people.

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