The HU's The Wolf Totem Reaction Mashup

Kraze Reaction present something rather unique that can be quite useful to the music world. Why do one reaction when you can do a series of reactions at the same time. This is not only fans, but active streamers all fused into one video as they listen to Wolf Totem by The HU. This not only gives some great exposure to a band, but also informal reviews and responses by those that are watching it. Adding streamers to the mix adds new elements that give exdposure to a new level for any musical artist.

The video above is only 6 minutes and 49 seconds, but it is a great segway for potential new fans to experience one of the best songs by The HU. Anyone watching the video can see the potential to this as long as the viewers are fans of the respective genres that the artist is performing. For this video, it has already garnered over 30 thousand views. Some of those are liekly people that have never heard of The HU and out of that number some likely became fans from this reaction video.

Many social mediums and music business entities are focused on ensuring that their music is not "stolen," but many times you have to take into account the potential of marketing by exposure. This is where Fair Use is a powerful too, if properly used.

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