Corona Virus, SARS-CoV-2, And COVID-19

Currently there is a pandemic in the world. This is the virus SARS-CoV-2 and the disease that it can cause. The media is not doing their due diligence in sharing proper information in some outlets. Part of this is that they are limited in time and in information. They also are a business, as with any business in this age, their primary goal is in making a profit first. That is the reason why many articles presented by media, social medias, and many vloggers are made as sensational. They are there to catch your eyes and draw you to see what they have to share. The reality in this is that there are small parts of the information that are already known and a ton that is still unknown. Human nature makes it where we have to know, in science there is a process in how the information is gathered.

Why would a music centered site want to mention about COVID-19? Simply put, this is to inform the musicians, their fans, and the community. Just as you would want to know that your family is safe, we feel the same. Take our word in this like all media, with a grain of salt. Learn from the specialists that know what is going on and are sharing it with the public to the best of their ability. We will have links at the end to the two best sources (World Health Organization {WHO} and the Centers Of Disease Control And Prevention {CDC}). What is provided here is compiled information from multiple sources, terminology, and how this process will likely go. Knowledge is power and we hope this will empower all of you.

The media has used terms set by both the WHO and the CDC improperly. As such it has made researching the current pandemic almost impossible without know what the proper terminology is. We will be breaking down these in simple terms so that you know what they are and can use these words to look up the pandemic. We do recommend to go to actual government sites that are centered on medical research as they are already funded and have no motivation in money to give you anything but what facts are allowed to the public.

Corona Virus:
A family of viruses that range from the common cold to lethal viruses that can cause SARS and MERS. These viruses are found almost world wide. They are typically caught once and only once. This is due to the more stable structure of the viruses (unlike those commonly referred to as the flu). There are exceptions to this rule, however those tend to be rarities.

A variation of the name Corna Virus. This is a family of viruses and not a single virus type.

SARS-CoV-2: The virus currently a pandemic to the world. It has a typical tactile contagious value and an extremely high air borne contagious value. The virus alone has a very low lethality value.

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