Concerns In Music Streaming For 2020

Think of the fact that with people not traveling for work or school and spending more time on the computer. This leads to more time on sites and less on streaming resources that are more commonly used by phone or tablet. Add the fact that one is hearing the music and the other avenue is being directly involved with the musicians and you have a perfect storm. As more time progresses in the pandemic, more musicians will explore these avenues and music streaming likely will feel more of a sting than it already has.

Where music streaming has had a dominance in the virtual world of music, these new methods that musicians are exploring will continue to sap from the strangle hold that music streaming has had. It is what is usually called an averaging of the market. Something new has been added in the virtual world and things are adjusting to this new change. Will it regress back to only music streaming? That will depend on the lock downs and musicians.

Many labels and digital distributors are exploring areas of licensing on the Internet. As a way to counteract the loss from music streaming. One label that is way ahead of the curve in this respect is Monstercat and their Gold program for those making content on YouTube.

Some labels will panic in this, just as some musicians panicked when their ability to tour was lost. Others are finding new ways to create new avenues. In a sense, the pandemic is a catalyst like the Internet going commercial was. It will curtail some, and others will find new ways to make something profound in this shift caused by a virus.

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