Challenges Breed New Avenues

We are all facing a reality that there is something nasty in the world. It has spread like a ravid wild fire and reached all areas of the world. Countries have locked down, people are trapped in their homes, and musicians have seen that concert season is a time to sit at home.

Some artists have taken the lock down as a means of taking time off, others have found it as a time to make noise in the world through other means. Some have made music, some have done virtual concerts, and even others have worked with their labels to do other methods of not remaining silent. This can be seen in Armada Music, Armin van Buuren, Brioni Faith, doing countless videos and live streams. It can also be seen in the many new releases by numerous bands. There have even been some like Kimberly Freeman that have focused on making masks and Toad The Wet Sprocket doing fund raising. These are the artists that are striving to find new methods to make themselves visible even when trapped in their homes. There are other artists that have focused in other methods of sharing themselves. Voltaire has been doing personal concerts on YouTube and Gothic Homemaking videos and The HU have shown themselves in the kitchen.

The reality in this is that yes the music world is no able to tour during the best months to tour. There are no venues and no festivals to perform at. Some have gone virtual like Dark Side Of The Con and shown that anything is possible. Why are all these musicians, labels, and venues try new methods now? Because they know just like the music world is stuck at home, so are their fans. This is literally where you can have a captive audience that is hungering for entertainment. Appease their needs and in turn help yourselves.

To the music world at large, Music Eternal poses a challenge...get your stuff out, make videos, make new music, use this time to do something new and different. There are no bad times, only challenges to make something new happen. Never give into the negativity of the situation, embrace what you love, the melodies that you make. The music lovers of the world will love you all the more for it.

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