The Darlins Show The Power In FM Radio

The Darlins created this song for the Ty Kelly and Chuck show on 103 NASH FM radio. This is only a sampling of the full 10 minute piece they made as a marketing piece for Dancings With The Stars that the station used on September 18th, 2017. This song was the foundation of the marketing for the U.S. nationally televised show that combines celebrities with professional dancers in an elimination format to eventually get a winning couple.

What the The Darlins also present in this is an avenue that any musician can do with a FM radio station that is playing their particular style of music. This is a great way to find some side work and is a very very powerful marketing tool for a region or city that the FM station is heard.

Many musicians will chase down the DJs thinking this is the best method to get their music on air. For dance clubs this is the proper means of getting heard, but for FM radio this is a waste of time. Radio station DJs have some say in the programming, but usually can only submit their music to the higher ups to decide what is heard and what is not. The best person in a station to use as a gateway to having your music heard is the producer of the FM radio shows. For commercial FM stations they are the ones that hold most of the power in the radio shows that are aired and what is usually heard. They have a bigger voice and have more flexability then the DJs.

There are exceptions to this, but they tend to be more rare. Some DJs are the producers of their shows. This tends to be more common on public radio, but on commercial FM radio it is more of a coporate structure. There is a more keen interest in making the slots valuable for advertisers and ensuring that the station's shows will not violate any FCC regulations. This is where the bulk of the responsibility of this falls on the producers. Much like television and movies, the producers answer the ones that either own or manage the station and are the anchors to ensure that the DJs can do what they want and not cross any lines. They also ensure that the interests of the advertisers are being met. This in the long run increases the standards of the FM station and in turn brings in more consistent money from advertisers that want their services and/or merchandise heard during the shows.

Just like The Darlins, you can have your music as a part of a marketing promotion or heard on the station. As long as you pitch it all to the right people.

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