Metal Head Review Of An Industrial Pop Song

There are many avenues to getting exposure by musicians in the virtual world. One of the options is presented by the YouTube channel, Code Name: Reaction. They focus on reviewing hip hop artists from a metal head perspective. It is a means of presenting a new perception toa genre that most Metal fans would have little, if any, interest in exploring. This opens new doors to their viewers and helps them show aspects of a genre that the Metal music community would normally overlook.

An exception to their rule is when they reviewed Aesthetic Perfection's latest song, Gods & Gold. They give a very positive review of this Industrial Pop song and of the album, Into The Black, that it is from. This type of review is perfect for a musician as it is presenting the song and the artist to communities in other genres that may otherwise overlook both.

For musicians, channels like Code Name: Reaction are a great resource especially if the song is something that can draw a positive review from vloggers that are not part of the same genre that the band is from. These two give good interaction and do give informative insights of Aesthetic Perfection, past albums, and the song they are reviewing.

This route of a review is something that is great and can draw new fans that otherwise would have overlooked Aesthetic Perfection, Into The Black, and Gods & Gold. Check out the video above and see how they give a good review that will in the long run draw some of their 75 thousand fans to check out the band and album.

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