How Vloggers Can Impact Every Musician

YouTube has become the juggernaut of social media platforms. Technically it is a social medium as the focus of the site is not interaction, but video viewing and then commenting. As such it is used by millions as a means of giving video blogs (by vloggers) and they can talk about a variety of topics.

As you can see in the video above, here is a lady that is giving a top 10 albums that changed her life. There are many vloggers that will do this and it is a resource that many in the music world have missed out on.

Vloggers have a huge viewing base and this makes them the perfect ally to an aspiring or established musician. The video above was made by Liisa Ladouceur and she has over 37 thousand subscribers. This means that this top 10 video she has done above is free exposure to the musicians and albums that she presents. She also explains the meaning of the respective albums which is a more empathic review based on her life experiences. This can be a very swaying presentation to those that watch the video and likely will have an impact in sales of the albums presented.

The video by Liisa Ladouceur is only one of countless on YouTube. These vloggers are a hidden gem to any musician that wants to have a new avenue to having their music presented to people that may have otherwise missed out on a band and/or album. Liisa is a smaller YouTuber, but her one video is exposed to an impressive audience. A musician can contact a number of these Vloggers and have them give positive and in some cases personal perspectives on the music of these musicians. It is a resources that any musician should pursue. If you want to take this avenue, go to the profile of the vlogger and go to the about part of their channel. Most have an email that you can contact them. It is free and a community that can have a massive impact for any musician.

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