Facebook And Instagram Issues

On Wednesday, March 13th, 2019, Facebook and Instagram have had some rare issues surface. These have been mainly issues with posting content from your PC and posting links from other sites.

People are upset about this as the outages are happening in Europe, South America, and North America. There are minor outages throughout other regions of the world. People have been contacting their Internet service providers and other people trying to figure out what the problem is. Here we will provide some basic information so that you are aware of the overall situation.

The first question is why is this hitting Facebook and Instagram only? Why not Twitter, YouTube, or some other social media? Instagram is owned by Facebook and the problem is in the Facebook infrastructure. This is their "Internet" within the Internet. This is very similar to an Intranet that is dedicated to the servers and hubs that Facebook uses for their overall business framework. For some unknown reason they have having outages in their own interal network (which includes Instagram). As they are dealing with these issues this is going to continue to have issues with how their Intranet interacts with the Internet that is not part of it. Thus, your photos and links you want to put up will not work as their origins are not part of their internal system Facebook uses.

To see the ourages you can go to this link. This is a resource where you can see the outage status to a website (which also presents the outages in their respective Intranet for larger sites like Facebook and Instagram). The reports started around 9:00 am Pacific Standard Time (UTC -08:00). People are still complaining about these issues and there is no official comment by Facebook as of yet as to when these will be resolved.

To show the level of response that both Instagram and Facebook faced, many people went to Twitter to post complaints. In the first 4 hours hashtags #instagramdown and #facebookdown took storm on Twitter. These became 2 of the top 5 trending hashtags in this short time frame. Currently they have viewed as the two hottest hash tags of this week (so far). As more information is presented we will give more information.

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