Music Eternal Schedule

As with any entity in the world, Music Eternal has many working parts. Sometimes these parts get overlooked. This issue is like many others in being unintentional, but it is something that we have addressed and have presented a solution.

Along with all the daily releases we present to the world, we will have each part with a fixed schedule. These are set on the days shown on the image and presented below. There may be additional releases throughout the week (depending on special circumstances). This is our way of ensuring that everyone will get their respective sections posted and what days they will surface. We hope that this new standard is one that you will enjoy and keep on your calendar. Some sections like Video Of The Day and Quote Of The Day will be daily so they are not presented on the schedule.

Music Eternal Schedule

Sunday – Song Of The Week
Monday – Music Chart Ranks
Tuesday-Two Cents
Wednesday- Member Spotlight
Thursday-Music Timeline
Friday-Free Music
Saturday – 101 (Focused On Specific Areas In Editorial Standards)

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