Facebook Videos On Music Eternal

Music Eternal has created a new functionality with the members of Music Eternal's family in mind. This latest integration is a new interface to present videos of Music Eternal members that are exclusively on their profile and/or fan pages. As many of the members lack a YouTube account or have little interest in this as an added project to care for, we have made it easier on them. Now they can post their videos on Facebook and we can present them to you here on Music Eternal without the complications of logging into Facebook or dealing with tracking down the video.

The latest interface to Facebook is using a self generating video that will make it possible to create video interfacing with other social medias in the future. This is the first step to a new world in presenting these amazing members of our family to the world and we hope this makes their efforts easier as we can now do more to cater to their needs.

This addition is also a perk for those that love music. Now we can present everything more directly for everyone to find in one location. We hope you enjoy this as we will be expanding the video presentations to more than what is on YouTube. This effort in presenting a more complete perspective on each of the talented members of the music world involved with Music Eternal.

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