Daniel Campos Shows A New Option For Musicians

Music is one of the more brutal industries for an unknown artist to get into. Many times it takes something original in approach to establish themselves as a presence to potential fans. There are actually many resources for musicians to develop an original approach to help make a massive leap that otherwise would not be there.

In the videos on page 2 of this article you will see two videos by an aspiring actor and impressive dancer Daniel Cloud Campos. He has shown a morbid humor in the videos that are driven by the songs in the videos. Yes the artists in the videos are established, but many of the songs are remixed. This involved an artist or DJ to change the songs to meet the needs of the video. Daniel is only one example, but is a good one as it shows a physical representation harnessed by the music played. It also shows that many of these aspiring dancers, actors, and other members of the visual arts need music that will reflect their visual expressionism.

There is also a third video that shows an apartment that has instruments represented by different parts of the main room. This shows how Daniel has incorporated music into a very morbid renting of a loft apartment with a good message at the end of the video. This video alone has brought in well over a million views and that is a viewing base that should make any collaboration a consideration for a musician that is itching for exposure.

Some may see than this is a waste of time, but Daniel has numerous videos with over a million views. This is based on his fan base, the  fan base of the music played, and the quality of the videos made. For a musician, that is a million views that could be tied to their music and a type of exposure that many artists pay money for. Why pay for the viewing when you can work with another artist for free, and in many cases you can generate revenue through the videos working collectively with the artist. Many dancers, actors, and directors would love to have the support of a musician and this can also evolve into a support base where the dancer can gain work from the musical artist and vise versa. Surf through Youtube and you can see that this is a growing fad that has a growing viewing base that is an option that all musicians and DJs should entertain. Much of this can be attributed to Your Favorite Martian and in how they presented music and videos that were something more than the traditional MTV and VH1 standards. The new emerging standards have made it possible for more than one field of art to work together and that is a rare opportunity that should not be passed up.

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