3 Core Parts For Music Artist Success

There has been a saying that bands come and go, that the music industry is always changing and moving forward. Even when there are steps backwards, they still feel it is a form of progression. This progression is east to believe, but never at the expense of the bands.

There are many parts of the music industry, the bands, the concert promoters, tour managers, DJs, RJs, road managers, record labels, distributors, and countless others. They are all the raw parts that make the machine that is the music industry work. The music industry in and of itself differs from the music world. This may seem as an odd statement, as they are so many areas that both run side by side. Still, the music world has been around since the dawn or recorded history nearly forty thousand years ago, the music industry has only been around for a few centuries.

To know certain key aspects in both the industry and the world of music is where an artist or a contributor of these can succeed. To know the duality and the contrasts can make it where even the newest artist can have a method of approach that they can give themselves the best chance in surviving as an artist and even living up to the fullest potential of what they can be.

Music World

The music world is where the creations of the bands and the artists reside. This isn't where money plays a role, but the actual talent, inspiration, and creativity that is used to compose and create the songs that we all love so much. In this world, all the parts that help the artists and bands are still there, but the core is the bands and artists. Without their fusion of emotional expressionism and logic, there would be no music industry. The are the sole foundation that makes all parts of the music a reality.

The music world is focused on the music and not the marketing, the sales, or the suitability of the music the bands make. Some bands live in this part of music and seek no part in the music industry were commerce is the focus. These bands are ones that will rarely generate money, but typically are not bound to the social constraints that help define the music industry. In most cases, these bands are rarely heard of and they are often the silent artists to the people that could be their fans.

Music Industry

The music industry has many parts in it. Each part views their role as vital, and they are right. The foundation of this part is the bands and the fans. They are the two parts that all the rest of the industry is founded upon. Without the bands there would be no music, and without the fans there would be no liquid assets to make the many parts function. Just as with any commerce there is a product that is being sold, the music. The consumers are the ones that provide the funds that are the grease to keep all the parts of this massive machine called the music industry from stalling and dying off.

Considering that a band is one of the two foundation stones for the music industry, how is it that some bands excel and others fade away? There are 3 base components in this that any music artist has to recognize and take heed to if they are to have any  chance. True, there are many factors, but these are the core three things that if ignored will hinder a band more  than anything from achieving their fullest of potentials.


1) Music

A band is always defined by their music. It is what puts them in certain musical genres, it is what is the product they are selling, and it is what will make or kill the band faster than anything else. The music has to be true to the artist, something the fans will love, and has to be mastered at a quality that ONLY the music is on display. This also means the volume of the parts of the song and also the ambient background  noise. There could be a band out there with music that could slay even the biggest of competition, but if the quality is poor on the tracks then they will see little if any success.

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